Monday, April 7, 2008


I have nothing to do in my room. So, I decide to go exploring around Bangi.

Suddenly, I see an aL-ikhsaN shop! Someone told me sometime ago that isolated aL-ikhsaN shops sell cheaper Nike and Adidas shoes. My roommate, Jia Yi had also told me about this shop near UKM.
I am very excited. So excited that I keep taking the wrong turning and it takes me another 15 minutes before I find the entrance. So I park my bike and walk quickly inside.

The shoes ARE CHEAPER than usual. Not as cheap as the shop in Johor near UTM, but cheap enough compared to the other Nike shoes price that I have seen around KL. I can't find any Nike shoes that I like though so I disappointedly walk out. But for the next trip to this shop, I would like to survey Adidas shoes instead. :-)

Then I continue my lone journey around Bangi. And I arrive here.Kompleks PKNS Bangi. I always saw the sign PKNS but I never knew that it was a shopping complex.
The inside is almost the same with Plaza Bintang. Lots of baju kurung on sale! Anyone needs more for practicum?

There is a KFC inside. But overall, I would have prefer Plaza Bintang better as there are KFC, Pizza Hut and McDonald there.

The end of today's exploration.

My hostel welcomes three new kittens. They are just a few days old.
The mother is fiercely protective. I only get to take the picture above when the mother is away to quench her thirst.
Then she is back to the same spot, and won't allow me to get any nearer...


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