Thursday, April 17, 2008

My sister's wedding

My sister's wedding is one of those life-changing moments in my life.

These are the pictures that she and Jimmy took before the wedding.

I don't quite like the above pictures. According to my sister, those were among the last pictures taken. They had been posing since 8am till 5pm. Therefore, one can see that they were already very tired.
The wonderful primary photo of their wedding!

So after the tiring photo session, the time comes for the wedding itself. Relatives from all over the states come to the humble town of Sarikei to have the wedding lunch. The lunch was held for two days - first day for the female's family, second day for the male's family.

According to ritual, my sister was supposedly to leave her house and move to her husband's house.

That morning, everyone was busy but happy. Jimmy's friends came and they had some games with my sister's friends. Of course, all the obstacles were successfully bridged, so Jimmy went and took his wife. Then the kow tow session began.
My sister leaving the house - a symbol that she now belongs to someone else. Everyone kept telling her - Don't look back, don't look back. some wet eyes during these moments...

Welcome to the new house!Kow tow session again...
These are my sister's friends. They all took leave and flew across from Peninsular Malaysia to attend the wedding.

My sister's new family.

Where is my nephew/niece? :-p

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