Saturday, April 5, 2008

CSS Annual Dinner 2008

I wanted to blog this as fast as possible before I forget the moments and the feelings.

Tonight is the CSS UKM Annual Dinner 2008. We started at around 7pm and it is almost past midnight when I reached my room. I had so much fun during the dinner. :-)

So this blog will contain many many pictures with less typing. A picture is worth a thousand words...

The foyer of Country Heights

The main door entrance with flower petals and candles

Next are the performances pictures...
Tribal-Mix Dance

Dancing to a Jay Chou's song

And then there was a modern Indian dance by James, Eileen, Stephanie, Darryl and two more people that I had forgotten. I didn't take a picture of their performance because it was time to take our food - so I was busy eating. The food is splendid!! Totally worth my RM40. There's everything - steak, spaghetti, rice, pizza, sushi, chicken, vegetable, mushroom soup, juice, bread - best dinner I ever been to.

Instrumental performance

This is called Connie's performance. It is a long story why it is called as that when Connie wasn't even performing...

Passover ceremony, the new EXCO replacing the old EXCO. Sad...

MSG (Mandarin Speaking Group) performance. I was in it.

There's even a video of this performance. The performance is just doing some sign language in accordance with a Chinese song. It's simple but it was fun practicing with them.

Singing performance with a very interesting slide as the background

Lindsay's wonderful voice

Some of the brave souls that joined the karaoke session

Best dressed award male and female

Next is some pictures of me and my new and old friends in CSS! These are taken throughout the dinner.

After all the wonderful performances, next was photography session.
Lining up for pictures

Taking group photo. I do not have the group photo yet.

The atmosphere and situation during the dinner

And then it was dance floor! I was surprised that so many people in CSS can actually dance! They are so happy - without any alcohol!
Mark can really dance!

Finally the dinner ended.


The Annual Dinner committee who have made all the fun possible!

Waiting at the foyer for transportation back. We three are from KUO!

Couldn't resist the temptation to jump into it

And the picture that I like the most from all pictures that are taken that night.
Haha...I look ok, Lydia looks pretty. Simply love the picture...

Tiring night, but worth every muscles of it. Going to sleep now.


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