Sunday, April 27, 2008


Practicum starts on 12 May 2008. Thanks to Jaime, I received my things few days ago.

Few months earlier, I wrote down my name in my name tag as M. F. Lee. Now, I regret it...a lot.
First of all, I believe students being the most 'kepo' and curious creature on the earth, they will be very interested to know what does MF stands for. I should have just wrote my name as LEE. Argh...

Secondly, MF could represent a lot of other acronyms. Amy Teng has already taken the first opportunity to laugh at me when she saw my name tag.

M. F. Lee - Mother fucker Lee
M. F. Lee - Muka fucker Lee

Being the Most Foolish Lee, I now wish that I should have just wrote LEE. LEE. LEE... Arrgghh...

Next is the Buku Persediaan Mengajar, which is so so so thick and heavy. It is compulsory to bring it everyday to school! But this is not the difficult part. The hardest part is filling those pages with writing and more writing.

I thought since it will only be 8 weeks of teaching (then minus 2 weeks of exam), I would only have 6 weeks of teaching. So, I guess that I might only be able to write until half of the book.

I was VERY VERY wrong. I saw a book done by Tiew Mee's senior. It was filled with writing - every pages of it. Then at the very back, there are even extra bundles of papers added because the thick book is not enough to write down all the lesson plans.

So in eight weeks, I should write 500 to 600 pages of lesson plans. *faint*

Looking forward for practicum. It will definitely be a very memorable experience. I have accommodation, transportation, food, internet, money and extra classes all in place. I am so ready.

Here I come!

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who-is-this? said...

Well, I don't think it's meant for u to write till the whole book is full. They just gave u a thick book in case u have a very elaborate plan (best example: your friend's senior). So, just write the best u can. But at the end of practicum, make sure u do write something, & not just leave the book as blank as the 1st day u received it ^_^

Anonymous said...

hai mei fonn. zack tok.. all da best for in ur exam n practicum. keep on updating your blogs ho. i want to know ur progress during prac

Bridget Lee said...

hello zack. nice to hear from u! yes, i'll try my best during my practicum :-)

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