Friday, April 4, 2008

Dear Alvin

I love you because you care about me and my family. In our long distance relationship, you have never failed to miss call me (then I missed call back, and you will call me), except for that time when you were drunk and that one day. You listen to my grumble and chattering and when I asked, "Are you bored?" you replied, "No, I enjoy listening to you." You remember to buy present for my mother this coming holiday when I go back to my hometown, though I wasn't even planning to buy one for your mother. *sorry*

I love you for being so understanding. You trust me though I am so far away. Though sometimes there were days when I didn't call or message you, you waited patiently and never lose your temper on that matter. You never force me to do things that I would not want to do. Thanks for allowing me such freedom and trust. I love you for allowing me to be myself and know that I am not perfect. When I was lazy to talk, you let me have my own time. When I rejoice, you are happy too. When I snap at you, you keep quiet. When we fight, you are always the first person to message me. Other people would have hated me, but you are exceptional...(of course so are my family and my close friends)

I love you because having you in my life makes me stronger. Knowing someone care and always be there for me makes me able to face the challenges in my life.

I love you because you are financial stable! Love is certainly not blind! Thanks for all the car ride to all sort of places. Thanks for all the meals, outings, phone bills and coming soon, the credit card. Even when I was 'tapauing' for my sister, you insisted to pay as well. The incident that I remember most was when I was buying groceries that my sister requested. It was quite a lot, and being the ultimate gentleman, you pay for me. Thanks.

I love you because you have a really wonderful family. Your parents are amazing! I enjoy the CNY visit to your house when I get to chat with them. I am looking forward to meet your cousins, aunties, uncles and your grandmas. Your younger brother is amazingly nice toward me as well. Overall, I simply love your family.

I love you because you can make decisions in life. You have your own principle and you hold on to it. Though it is frustrating during the times I am fighting with you, your principle shows that you are determined and 'manly'. You know the things that you want to do in the future and pretty much have everything lined up - career, financial, marriage (ahem....) I can't wait for the vacations (two to be exact) that you have planned for us.

I love you for so many other things...

I love you!

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lionsheep said...


what an 'interesting' post...

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what an 'interesting' comment...

Alice said...


what a post full with love~~~

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